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Existing Building Documentation
  • Our services entail measuring and photographing the existing buildings and preparing accurate drawings of existing properties and buildings.
  • We also coordinate the preparation of surveys and other maps as required.
Building Program Development, Review and Analysis
  • The building program requirements may be defined by the client or through a collaborative service that we provide. Functional analysis of the use of buildings and the existing and proposed spaces is carried out. Room sizes, locations, adjacencies, inter-relationships, systems etc. are reviewed, analyzed, defined and developed as needed.
Building Design and Development
  • Schematic and conceptual designs of new custom buildings or renovation of existing sites and buildings are developed at this stage. Our thinking results in drawings that illustrate the relationship of site and building; show functional programs and begin to develop architectural expression and form for the proposal. The designs are developed through sketches, scaled plans, sections and elevations, and perspective sketches, models and computer modeling are also available.
Building Final Design Drawings and Models
  • Normally, final design presentations will involve the preparation of final plans, sections and elevations of a selected schematic design. Colour perspective renderings, photographic montages, models (card or wood) and computer modeling may also be used.


City Zoning Review
  • Our services involve determining what is allowed in the applicable official plans and by-laws, and what may be possible through applications for minor variances, consent applications, permission applications or even zoning amendments for highest and best use development of properties.
Site Planning
  • This service looks at optimizing the development potential of properties with respect to where to place them on the site and building type, access, parking, views, orientation and other considerations.
Schematic Building Development Options
  • Many urban properties' development potential are defined in the area by-laws that establish a variety of performance standards. We prepare conceptual designs that show the implications of the standards and begin to give 3-dimensional shape to what may be possible on the site – the bulk, volume, shape, and location of a built form.
Committee of Adjustment and Planning Applications
  • Our services include preparation for minor variances, consent to sever lots, and permission applications as well as site plan control and zoning amendment applications. We design, prepare and present applications to the Committee of Adjustment (CofA) and assist in the preparation for Ontario Municipal Board hearings as required. In preparing for the CofA we may meet with municipal planners, neighbourhood associations, local area residents and municipal councillors as required.


  • Hamel Design offers complete building permit, working drawing and specification services. These are the “blueprints” used for all city permit approvals including building permits and used as building construction drawings. Jacques Hamel, principal designer for Hamel Design, has his Building Code Information Number (BCIN) for House and Small Buildings.
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